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The first clinic in Nepal

Hello to everyone!

Today is one of the most exciting days we have had in Linkcaring. It all started from one man's dream, and slowly we have grown and more people joined the journey. We have come a long way since the pilot to Clalit HMO, through national deployment and eventually today we are proud to say that we have crossed international borders and deployed our first healthcare system in the Tokha PHC clinic at Nepal.

We would like to seize the moment and thank all of the people that made it happen, that supported us along the way, believed in us and made it possible to go on this adventure.

We hope to make the change we have awaited for, and that from this point on it will only grow and prosper, reaching more clinics and crossing more borders. The sky is truely the limit.

Linkcaring team

Tokha PHC clinic
The clininc team

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