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We are physicians, health care providers and programmers with creative minds who have a vision of a better and easily accessible healthcare.

We know that time is a limited resource, especially in the medical field. This is why we believe that today’s technology should be used to save time in the encounter between the healthcare provider and the patient. By gathering the most relevant information from the patient in advance, analyzing it and presenting it in a convenient way to the healthcare provider, we enable the encounter to focus on the actual management. With our systems, follow-up is done efficiently and tailored to the needs of the patient and his family.

All data is safe and secure with the international ISO27799 standard, which provides health information security best practice guidelines.

Yair Sadaka, MD
Founder and CEO

My name is Yair Sadaka. I am a Pediatric Neurologist, Developmental Pediatrician and Pediatrician with a PhD in Neurosciences and some background in Behavioral sciences Data analysis computers and electronics.

I am currently the head of the Negev Child Development Center of the Ministry of Health Mental health center Beer Sheva. Also, pediatric neurologist at the Clalit, Soroka medical Center, and lecturer at Ben Gurion University.

I founded LinkCaring in 2012 with the vision of enabling better communication between patients and health care providers, and serve as the CEO of the company since then. 

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