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Our Products

We take pride in our products, which enable states, districts, major healthcare organizations, child development clinics, and parents to closely monitor and engage in the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of developmental delays and issues in children.

Baby Foot
CareConnect for large populations
Large scale evidence-based Early Childhood Development screening and surveillance platform 

CareConnect is a unique digital platform that provides a cost-effective, highly scalable approach for surveillance, screening and intervention delivery for early childhood development (ECD) in large population

Playing in Nursery
CareConnect for professionals


An entirely digital platform tailored for developmental centers and clinics. Linking families with clinicians to boost the efficiency, speed, and precision of diagnostic and intervention processes

The platform effectively collects information from both parents and caregivers through digital, validated, and consensus-driven questionnaires to build for clinicians a comprehensive report of the child being evaluated. 
These reports effortlessly merge with Electronic Medical Records, simplifying the whole workflow.

Boy Coloring

An innovative app, designed by our team of developers, that helps the neurologists to optimize the management of children with ADHD. Our app collects the relevant data from the parents and caregivers, analyzes it and presents it to the clinician on his computer. 

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