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Boy Coloring

An innovative app, designed by our team of developers, that helps the neurologists to optimize the management of children with ADHD. Our app collects the relevant data from the parents and caregivers, analyzes it and presents it to the doctor on his computer. 'Aplikeshev' is in the process of large scale deployment into all the child clinics of the 'Clalit', the largest health organization in Israel. 

Playing in Nursery
Child care - Nepal

With the generous support of the NSI (Nick Simons institute) we are now running a pilot of our new system that enables providing better healthcare to children in Nepal. Our app provides parents and healthcare providers and updated information about child development and preventive medicine, accessible both in English and Nepali!

Baby Foot
Child care - Israel


Our app enables a "digital child care platform", in which parents can easily follow the child's development and growth and doctors and nurses can provide professional and updated preventive care. We are also constantly focusing on creating new solutions to improve the communication between patients and  healthcare providers, in cases such as developmental delay or chronic diseases. 

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