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Girl at the Pediatrician


We started our journey with customers two years ago.

Today, we are proud that our technology operates successfully in some of the largest and leading healthcare organizations in the world and assist medical teams to help many thousands of children reach their developmental potential

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"Clalit Health Services", one of the world's largest renowned healthcare organizations, caters to over 4.5 million individuals, including 1 million children, across 1,400 primary care clinics using CareConnect for professionals platform from 2022.

LinkCaring Ltd. has provided Clalit with the CareConnect for professionals platform that operates a set of dedicated digital questionnaires followed by a smart report and recommendations to support clinicians with the ADHD diagnosis and treating process. 

Thousands of children use the system every month with very high satisfaction for both them and the clinical staff.

logo of "maccabi"

The CareConnect for professionals platform has been chosen by “Maccabi Health services”, the second largest renowned healthcare organizations in Israel (caters to over 2.5 million individuals, including 1/2 million children) to support hundreds of pediatricians and family doctors in the process of diagnosis and surveillance in the child development domain

CareConnect for professionals provides family doctors, pediatricians and clinicians in primary care clinics and child development centers of Maccabi with a decision support tool in the process of diagnosing and treating a child who is suspected of developmental delay/disorder

CareConnect for professionals fully interfaces with Maccabi’s EMR, which lets clinicians keep their familiar workflows.


The platform is expected to serve thousands of children treated at Maccabi each year and give them the opportunity to reach their developmental potential

logo of "meuhedet"

CareConnect for large populations platform has been chosen by “Meuhedet Health services”, the third largest renowned healthcare organizations in Israel (caters to over 1.25 million individuals) to act as the organization screening and surveillance tool to proactively monitor the whole children population insured by Meuhedet to detect those with a concern of developmental delay.

CareConnect for large populations operates continuously a set of developmental monitoring questionnaires during childhood according to time slots defined by the medical protocol. The questions are accompanied by a short instructional video for the parent to perform the test at home.

CareConnect for large populations analyzes the answers and returns to the child pediatrician at Meuhedet a summary in the form of a smart analysis and recommendations for further actions.

The project is expected to serve year-round tens of thousands of children treated at Meuhedet

logo of R2d2 project

CareConnect for professionals was chosen to provide the underlying digital platform for the Horizon R2D2 Mental Health research project, funded by the European Union.


R2D2-MH is a 5-year project co-funded by the European Commission that aims to identify risk and resilience factors associated with neurodevelopmental diversity, including Autism, ADHD or Intellectual Disability. The consortium brings together 26 partners (Universities, Research institutes, Clinics) from 13 countries with complementary expertise distributed worldwide.


CareConnect for professionals was chosen due to its ease of use and data collection capabilities, enabling further research utilizing standardized structured data.

The MOH Child Development
Center in the Negev

logo of "The MOH Child Development
Center in the Negev"

The MOH Child Development Center in the Negev is using CareConnect for professionals to empower physicians, developmental psychologists, linguistic therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and social workers. 

Using CareConnect for professionals, Each of these types of therapists has a dedicated work environment that allows him to carry out diagnostic, follow-up and treatment processes in his therapeutic area. Using CareConnect for professionals digital questionnaires and smart summaries enables effective communication with hundreds of parents and teachers annually and results in more accurate and shortened time to diagnosis.

'"Parents that used the app ("Aplikeshev") to fill questionnaires found the process easy, clear and user friendly" 

Nitza Vadas MD, Pediatrician

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