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We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to realize their full developmental potential

Unlock each child's full potential with CareConnect - connecting families and healthcare providers


Our products help clinicians and parents in the the journey to maximize the developmental potential of each child.

It can efficiently monitors a vast population to detect children who might be at risk of developmental delays or issues

Utilizing AI-driven tools, we refine and expedite the diagnostic process for healthcare professionals

It provides parents with training tools to practice at home with their child as soon as the fear of delay is discovered


We started our journey with customers two years ago.

Today, we are proud that our technology operates successfully in some of the largest and leading healthcare organizations in the world and assist medical teams to help many thousands of children reach their developmental potential


Our products are developed based on extensive research in real-world population.

We pride ourselves on a commitment to ongoing innovation, utilizing the most current knowledge to develop solutions that stand out for their excellence and relevance.


LinkCaring  was established about a decade ago with the clear goal of helping worldwide as many children as possible with developmental delays and issues to fulfill their potential.


Clinicians and therapists from the Child Development Institute, deeply knowledgeable about the diagnostic and treatment processes, founded the company to address these issues and harness the opportunities they present.


The company's approach and its products are built upon three core pillars:

  • The pivotal role of parents in the process and the critical relationship between the parent and the clinician.

  • The essential role of technology, including digitization, automation, and AI, in enhancing, accelerating, and personalizing the diagnostic and treatment processes.

  • The commitment to making decisions grounded in evidence-based data.

LinkCaring believes not only in the need for early and accurate diagnosis but also in the criticality of making early therapeutic solutions accessible and has developed technology that allows parents to start training their child at home at a very early stage through personalized training videos.

The company's products are already in use in some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world, in child development clinics and in early childhood education systems helping thousands of children and their families, monthly, to fulfill their developmental potential.

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